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2008 party dates & line-up

microdisco summer splash 2008 !!!

After the successful microdisco festival in Berlin last year, we couldn't resist to party more...

Come to Berlin and celebrate with us!!!

microdisco summer splash 2008

thursday 31.07.08, 21h
opening party@madame claude
luebbenerstr. 19, in Kreuzberg:

live:ben et bene, computertruck,
tony light,stu

visuals:poke-1,170 DJs:glafouk, flashbob & schoenberger

friday: 01.08.08, 16h
Seydlitzstr. 6 in Tiergarten:

VJ with poke-1,170
robots with sputnik booster

19.30 h open air @ tentstation
films: Lionel Brouet-8bit generation,Jigsaw Screening-Das Pong Prinzip, die Welt in 8bit

live: a boy and his sid, nilsmusic, die moderne welt, sidabitball
DJs:glafouk, nEd (not enough DJs)

saturday: 02.03.08. 13h
we'll tell you in time, where to meet ...
22h micropolis

at Alte Kantine Berghain,

Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Friedrichshain, S Ostbahnhof

live: sone (505), frau holle,sputnik booster, naomi sample & the go go ghosts,eat rabbit
DJs: flashbob & schoenberger, sista data,the mighy bomb jack

You can purchase tickets for the festivalin advance at a discount price, of 15 Euro for all 3 events, via paypal by clicking the button here:  

you then get a code from us, which you can exchange for your personalized
microdisco summer-splash festival pass
at the opening party.

You can also buy tickets at each event.
Keep in mind, all artists pay 4 their own
travel to play for you!
2 raise enough money to pay them back!!!

See you soon in Berlin
rave on!

disco D am 25.6.08 11:46

microdisco @ madame claude 14.6.08

splash#2 turned out to be another solid party with a cast of microdisco residents. BurnT took the first turn on the door, running the gauntlet of explaining this months ever more complicated dice entry game. micro muchies were supplied by the Hemulen in the form of pacman biscuits and curry popcorn.

sista data aka Lady Commodore aka Manou did a rocking live set in which she debuted some new stuff as well as playing some of her hits:

microdisco resident djs schönberger and yves noir rocked the floor with their expert mixes:

disco D am 16.6.08 00:13

space invaders contest winners HI SCORES

in 3rd place it was bleep port , with 470 points, who won a bag of marbles (which he promptly proceeded to open and play with!)


in 2nd place its Band Width exceeded , with 650 points, who took home a cd of great bleepy tunes by microsuperstar sidabitball!

....aaaaand in 1st place with 760 points winning a weekend pass for the microdisco summer Splasch festival 31st July - 2nd August, its Butch Atari (Sundance Sid got lost along the way!). Buch also took home a delightful japanese space teddy:

disco D am 16.6.08 12:37

Disco D am 7.6.08 14:30

Some bleeps to listen to...


...while impatiently waiting for next microdisco party in June.

Flashbob, Berlin based chiphead and microdisco associate, has just released his new EP "Futura Grotesque" on Kittenrock netlabel. In words of Kittenrock's commander-in-chief Jellica: "Clunky clockwork beats, scatty melodies, booming repetitive bass, just some wonderfull Game Boy glitchy electro really."

Grab here !




Till am 22.5.08 23:42

microdisco @ madame claude 17.05.2008

the build up to summer splash got off to a great start with the first microdisco of 2008 at madame claude in kreuzberg.

 every visitor got a pixel pilz and a new name


 special live guests were naomi sample and die moderne welt

microdisco am 21.5.08 23:03

microdisco @ madame claude 17.05.06

the microdisco crew during the great micro-tombola


 microdisco banner in the basement at madame claude:

microdisco am 21.5.08 23:12


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